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A new species of cardinalfish (Ostorhinchus: Apogonidae) from the Solomon Islands

A new species of apogonid, Ostorhinchus pallidus, is described from 13 specimens, 41.2-51.8 mm SL, collected in 18-30 m at Guadalcanal and Makira in the Solomon Islands. Diagnostic features include dorsal rays VII-I,9; anal rays II,8; pectoral rays 14-15; lateral-line scales 24; predorsal scales 3-4; developed gill rakers 4-5 + 18-19; preopercular margin and ridge serrate; body depth 2.9-3.4 in SL; third and fourth dorsal spines longest; colour in life pale pinkish, grading to pale yellow ventrally with faint grey stripe on head at eye level, large black spot at base of caudal fin, series of faint narrow dark bars on the lower side, and black outer edge on first dorsal fin. The new taxon is similar to O. lineomaculatus from the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia but differs with regards to colour pattern, a wider interorbital, deeper caudal peduncle, and longer first anal spine.

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