A new species of Pseudochromis (Pisces: Pseudochromidae) from Papua Barat Province, Indonesia

Gerald R. Allen, Anthony C. Gill and Mark V. Erdmann

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 155-162, Volume 13, Issue 3-4 – 23 January 2008


Pseudochromis jace is described from three specimens, 37.9-62.5 mm SL, collected in the vicinity of Triton Bay, Papua Barat Province (western New Guinea), Indonesia. It is most similar to P. pictus from the Indonesian island of Alor, which lies about 1130 km southwest of Triton Bay, and to P. reticulatus from off north-western Australia. The three species are easily separated on the basis of colour pattern, particularly dorsal coloration, and degree of development of a dark stripe on the upper body. The new species is also similar in coloration to P. perspicillatus from the Indo-Malayan region, although the latter fish has prominent dark spots on the nape area and has a different palatine tooth patch structure.

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