A replacement name (Nomen novum) and neotype designation for Hara malabarica Day, 1865, with notes on related species (Siluriformes)

Steven Grant

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 169-174, Volume 3, Issue 4 – December 1999


A neotype is designated and a replacement name proposed for Hara malabarica Day, 1865. The species is also moved to the family Bagridae, and to the genus Mystus Scropoli, 1777. The identity of Mystus malabaricus (Jerdon, 1849), Mystus montanus (Jerdon, 1849) is discussed in view of misidentifications made previously. The generic placement and validity of Mystus maydelli Rössel, 1964, ad Mystus var. dibrugarensis Chaudhuri, 1913, is also discussed.

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