A Review of the Australian Freshwater gudgeons, Genus Mogurnda (Eleotridae) with Descriptions of Three New Species

Gerald R. Allen and Aaron P. Jenkins

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 141-156, Volume 3, Issue 4 – December 1999


The six Australian members of the freshwater fish genus Mogurnda are reviewed, including description of three new taxa. Mogurnda adspersa (Castelnau) ranges southward in Pacific coast drainages from Cape York Peninsula to the Clarence River of northern New South Wales. It so also widespread in the Murray-Darling system of inland New South Wales and Queensland. Mogurnda mogurnda (Richardson) is distributed across northern Australia from the Kimberley region to Cape York Peninsula. Mogurnda larapintae (Zietz) is confined to the Finke River system of central Australia. It was formerly confused with M. mogurnda, but is clearly separable on the basis of its smaller scales. Mogurnda oligolepis new species is described from 75 specimens, 15.8-62.7 mm SL, collected in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. It is similar to M. mogurnda, but differs in having larger body scales, modally fewer dorsal and anal fin rays, and a smaller maximum size. Mogurnda clivicola new species is described from 61 specimens, 21.3-69.8 mm SL collected in the northern flinders Ranges of South Australia. It is distinguished from other central desert Mogurnda (i.e. M. larapintae and M. thermophila) by its colour pattern and modal counts for vertebrae, lateral scales, predorsal scales, circumpeduncular scaler, and pectoral rays. Mogurnda thermophila, new species is described from 25 specimens, 12.6-98.6 mm SL, collected from the complex of thermal springs at Dalhousie, South Australia. It is similar in general appearance to M. larapitae, but has larger scales.

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