A review of the gobiid fishes of Easter Island, with description of a new species

John E. Randall

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 177-190, Volume 15, Issue 4 – 15 October 2009


Only 129 species of fishes are known for Easter Island from the shore to a depth of 200 m. Six of these are gobies: Gnatholepis pascuensis, first considered as a new subspecies of G. cauerensis, here given species rank; Kelloggella disalvoi, a new species from the highest tide pools, previously identified as the Hawaiian K. oligolepis; the endemic Pascua caudilinea, a common species from tide pools to at least 40 m, never seen while diving; Priolepis psygomophilia, also cryptic, with the same unusual depth range for a goby, described from two small specimens from the Kermadec Islands and regarded as the same species at Rapa and Easter Island; Priolepis squamogena, conspicuously marked with dark-edged brown bars, described from French Polynesia and the Line Islands, and reported here as a first record for Easter Island from two juvenile specimens; and Trimma unisquamis, a wide-ranging insular species represented by 25 specimens collected from depths of 16.5-40 m. A key is provided for the Easter Island species of Gobiidae.

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