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Acanthoplesiops jessicae, a new species of spiny basslet from Papua New Guinea

by Gerald R. Allen, Mark V. Erdmann and William M. Brooks – aqua 26 (2) pp. 57-65

A new species of plesiopid fish, Acanthoplesiops jessicae, is described from Milne Bay Province, eastern Papua New Guinea on the basis of four specimens, 13.2-14.8 mm SL, collected from reef slopes at depths between 27 and 65 m. It is the only member of the genus having scales restricted to the rear half of the body and fused pelvic fins with branched inner rays. Other diagnostic features include dorsal-fin rays XIX,5; anal-fin rays VII,5; caudal-fin broadly connected by membrane to last dorsal and anal rays; cephalic sensory pores on dentary 3; colour in life generally brown with numerous small white spots on cheek, opercle, body and dorsal and anal fins; white to orange median dorsal stripe from tip of lower jaw to first dorsal spine; posterior edge of dorsal, anal and caudal fins with broad, orange submarginal zone and narrow white outer margin.

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