Additional records of scaled scuplin Archaulus biseriatus Gilbert & Burke, 1912 (Cottidae, Teleostei) from the North Pacific

Alexei M. Orlov, Alexei M. Tokranov and Andrei V. Vinnikov

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 1-18, Volume 5, Issue 1 – November 2001


The scaled sculpin Archaulus biseriatus Gilbert & Burke, 1912 is reported from three new North Pacific records from off the northern Kuril Islands, Russia, and the central Aleutian Islands, Alaska, north of Seguam Island. This species was previously known from the type series from the Aleutian Islands, Petrel Bank in the southern Bering Sea, and a recent report and redescription of a single specimen from the central Kuril Archipelago off Simushir Island (Yabe and Soma, 2000). Additional records from the northern Kuril Islands and the eastern Aleutian Islands north of Seguam Island are also reported. Notes on the morphology, habitat, and species associations of Archaulus are presented, and photographs of specimens are provided.

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