Amphiprion barberi, a new species of anemonefish (Pomacentridae) from Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa

Gerald R. Allen, Joshua Drew and Les Kaufman

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 105-114, Volume 14, Issue 3 – 10 July 2008


Amphiprion barberi, a new species of anemonefish fish, is described from 46 specimens, 16.3-85.8 mm SL, collected at depths of 2-10 m from coral reefs of Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa. It is closely allied to A. melanopus, which is widely distributed in the western Pacific. The two species exhibit significant colour-pattern differences, including a mainly reddish orange body in A. barberi and dark brown or blackish body in A. melanopus. Adults of the new species also possess fewer spinules (11-19 versus 19-26) in the upper-opercular series than A. melanopus. Genetic data presented here confirms the separation of these species.

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