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An updated checklist of fishes from the Iranian portion of the Harirud/Tedzhen River basin

by Mousavi-Sabet, S. Vatandoust and H. Blehe

aqua 24 (4)Revised 26 October 2018 – Accepted 03 November 2018


The Harirud or Tedzhen River basin is an international endorheic basin at the border of Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan. The present article provides an updated checklist on fish fauna in the Iranian portion of the basin. The confirmed fish fauna comprise 27 species in 22 genera, 7 families, 5 orders, and one class. The most diverse family is the Cyprinidae with 19 species, followed by Nemacheilidae, with 3 species. Five families are represented by a single species. Sixteen species recorded from the Harirud River basin are exotic. Luciobarbus cf. capito is reported for the first time from the basin in Iran.

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