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Redescription of the Jeweled Gemfish, Anthias asperilinguis (Serranidae: Anthiadinae)…

Redescription of the Jeweled Gemfish, Anthias asperilinguis  (Serranidae: Anthiadinae), with comment on its ontogeny, phylogeny, and ecology.

Anthias asperilinguis was described in 1859 from a single specimen collected from an unspecified locality off the Atlantic coast of South America and subsequently reported from the coasts of Venezuela, the Guianas, and northeastern Brazil. More recently, examination of specimens obtained from St. Paul’s Rocks (in the central equatorial Atlantic well offshore from the Brazilian mainland), from off the Brazilian mainland, and from the Caribbean Sea off Dominica, Bonaire, and Curaçao has provided much additional information on this species. As a result of manned submersible diving in the Caribbean, we present ecological information on and the first in situ photograph of this species. We redescribe A. asperilinguis, including ontogenetic changes in color pattern, and offer comments on Odontanthias cauoh and O. hensleyi (the latter herein reassigned to Anthias), a species with coloration resembling that of A. asperilinguis.

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Volume 23, Issue 3 – 24 July 2017

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