Anablepsoides hoetmeri, a new rivulid (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from Rio Purus drainage, western Amazon basin, Brazil

Dalton Tavares Bressane Nielsen, Arsênio Caldeira Baptista Junior and Leendert van de Berg

aqua International Journal of Ichthyology,  pp. 69-78, Volume 22 issue 2, 18 April 2016


Anablepsoides hoetmeri, new species, is described from middle rio Acre, a tributary of the rio Purus, Amazon drainage, Brazil. It is the first species of Anablepsoides described from that basin and the second species belonging to the Anablepsoides limoncochae species group described from Brazil. The remaining species belonging to the A. limoncochae group are mainly found in Peru, but also occur in Colombia and Ecuador. Anablepsoides hoetmeri n. sp. differs other members of the A. limoncochae group by having two longitudinal rows of 18-20 minute contact organs per row on the sides of the body, and by the coloration patterns of both males and females.

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