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Anablepsoides origuelai, a new species of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from Rio Tapajós drainage, Amazon basin, Brazil

by Dalton Tavares Bressane Nielsen and Renato Pastor Veiga – aqua 27 (1) pp. 5-10

Anablepsoides origuelai, new species, is described from the Rio Tapajós drainage, near at its mouth at the Amazon River, Brazil. It was found in lentic portions of a tributary of rio Tapajós. The new species is a member of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group, which includes another five species, all occurring in the central portion of the Amazon basin. The new species differs from the other species of the Anablepsoides ornatus species group by presenting a similar orange color pattern in the dorsal and ventral portions of the caudal fin, less rays in the caudal fin and a lower number of vertebrae. The new species seems to be more closely related to A. ornatus, with which it shares a pattern of red dots distributed irregularly across the sides of the body.

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