Another new green treefrog, Boophis anjanaharibeensis n. sp. (Ranidae: Rhacophorinae), from northeastern Madagascar

Andreone, F.

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 25-32, Volume 2, Issue 2 – June 1996


In the course of a series of herpetological surveys in Madagascar a new arboreal frog belonging to the “green Boophis group” (family Flanidae, subfamily Rhacophorinae) has been discovered. Boophis anjanaharibeensis n. sp. was found in the mid-altitude rainforest of the Anjanaharibe-Sud Special Reserve, in northeastern Madagascar. It is similar in some characters to B. luteus and to B. elenae, from which it differs in the greater development of the head and eyes and in the coloration, dorsally dark green with scattered light spots. The eyes are not red, as in B. l. luteus, but golden with a narrow outer brownish area. The belly is whitish with bluish shadings, as well as digital expansions.

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