Chrysiptera albata, a new species of damselfish (Pomacentridae) from the Phoenix Islands, Central Pacific Ocean

Gerald R. Allen and Steven Bailey

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 39-44, Volume 6, Issue 1 – October 2002


A new species of pomacentrid, Chrysiptera albata, is described from 3 specimens, 22.0-27.8 mm SL, collected during a marine biological expedition to the Phoenix Islands in 2002. It is closely related to C. caeruleolineata from the western Pacific and eastern Indian Ocean, but differs markedly in colour pattern. In contrast to C. caeruleolineata, which is pale yellowish with a bright blue neon stripe on the upper head and body, it is mainly white with a slight bluish cast. Possible modal differences were also detected with relation to number of gill rakers on the first branchial arch and number of lateral line scales. However, additional specimens of C. albata are needed for confirmation.

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