Corythoichthys benedetto, a new pipefish (Pisces: Syngnathidae) from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

Gerald R. Allen and Mark V. Erdmann

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 121-126, Volume 13, Issue 3-4 – 23 January 2008


A new species of pipefish, Corythoichthys benedetto, is described on the basis of five specimens, 59.5-67.6 mm SL, collected in 5 to 15 m depth from rock and coral reefs at two Indonesian locations including Triton Bay, Papua Barat Province (western New Guinea) and Kabaena Island, off southern Sulawesi. Underwater photographs also indicate its occurrence at Bali and Flores, Indonesia and Madang, Papua New Guinea. It is most similar to C. amplexus, which is widely distributed in the Indo-western Pacific region. The two species differ notably in colour pattern: C. benedetto is overall pale with about 12 relatively narrow dark (red in life) bars, whereas C. amplexus is overall dark brown with 10-13 narrow white bars. In addition C. benedetto has a red caudal fin with a white posterior margin compared to the mainly white caudal fin of C. amplexus. The two species also exhibit a strong modal difference in the number of dorsal-fin rays (24-25 for C. benedetto versus a usual range of 26-28 for C. amplexus).

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