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aqua_internation_vol_16Dear aqua Subscriber,

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology has, with its 18th year celebration, launched a complete new and easy to use website. Please have a look at:

It contains a lot of information about conferences, news, latest issues, and gives access to free papers as well as to all other publications, which appeared in our strict peer-reviewed quarterly scientific journal. One can read the abstract of every single paper to begin with volume 1(1), in 4 languages, including a colour photo of the relevant topic.

The new website contains also the new subscription rates for 2012, and all private as well as the institutional subscriptions can be order by means of:

1. only printed edition

2. only on-line edition

3. on-line and printed edition

Please make a note of this for the coming year ands also if you have any question, or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact the managing Editor Heiko Bleher at

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