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Description of a new mud-dwelling goby (Gobiidae: Acentrogobius)…

Description of a new mud-dwelling goby (Gobiidae: Acentrogobius) from Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea

A new species belonging to the gobiid genus Acentrogobius is described from mud-bottom habitat in the vicinity of Alotau, Milne Bay Province, Papua New Guinea. Acentrogobius quinquemaculatus is described on the basis of 41 specimens, 13.1-33.4 mm SL. Diagnostic features include a usual combination of 9 soft dorsal and anal rays, 16-18 pectoral rays, 27-29 longitudinal scales, 8 transverse scales, 11-13 predorsal scales, and 2-3 rows of cycloid scales on the upper opercle. The new taxon is similar to A. caninus, which differs in having a slightly lower longitudinal scale count (25-26) and more predorsal scales (17-20). The two species also exhibit similar colour patterns, including a mid-lateral row of large dark marks on the middle of the side, but, A. caninus differs in having a large green spot immediately above and behind the upper rear corner of the opercle. Additionally, A. caninus reaches a much larger size, to at least 100 mm SL compared to about 33 mm SL for A. quinquemaculatus.

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