Description of Two New Gobies (Eviota, Gobiidae) from Indonesian Seas

Gerald R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 125-130, Volume 4, Issue 4 – August 2001


Two new species of Gobiidae are described from Indonesia. Eviota raja is described from 16 specimens, 12.7-23.8 mm SL, collected at the Raja Ampat Islands, Irian Jaya Province. It is closely related to E. bifasciata, a sympatric species that is distributed across the Indo-Australia Archipelago. The two species differ in colour pattern, as well as counts for segmented rays in the second dorsal fin and lateral scale rows (usually 9 and 22 respectively for E. bifasciata and 10 and 25 in E. raja). The second new species, Eviota mikiae, is described on the basis of 9 specimens, 12.6-19.1 mm SL, collected at Pulau Weh, northern Sumatra. It is similar in appearance to E. pellucida of the western Pacific, but differs in having more segmented rays in the second dorsal fin, (9 versus a usual count of 8), more branches on the fourth pelvic fin ray (modally 8 versus 5), ad fewer segments between branches on the fourth pelvic fin ay (1 versus 5).

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