Description of two new species of damselfishes (Pomacentridae: from Madagascar

Gerald R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 45-52, Volume 6, Issue 2 – November 2002


Two new species of pomacentrid fishes are described from north-western Madagascar, based on specimens collected during a Conservation International coral reef survey in January 2002. Pomacentrus atriaxillaris is described from three specimens 25.4-64.0 mm SL, collected in areas where the bottom is sand-rubble, at depths of 10-27 m. It is related to P. reidi Fowler & Bean from the Philippines, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and the northern Great Barrier Reef, Australia. P. atriaxillaris is readily distinguished by the relatively large black spot at the upper pectoral fin base and particularly by the black coloration of the pectoral fin axil, as well as having a more angular posterior dorsal and anal fin profile. Pomacentrus caeruleopunctatus is described from four specimens, 62.0-72.9 mm SL, collected in areas of mixed live coral and rubble at depths of between 7-10 m. It is most similar to P. caeruleus Quoy & Gaimard, which is widely distributed in the western Indian Ocean. The two species differ in colour pattern details, body depth (P. caeruleus is more slender), and the greater maximum size of P. caeruleopunctatus.

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