Descriptions of three new wrasses (Teleostei: Perciformes: Labridae: Paracheilinus) from Indonesia and North-western Australia with evidence of possible hybridisation

Rudie H. Kuiter and Gerald R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 119-132, Volume 3, Issue 3 – May 1999


Three new species of the labrid genus Paracheilinus are described from Indonesia and offshore reefs of north-western Australia. Paracheilinus cyaneus, new species, is described from two specimens, 48.7-52.2 mm SL, collected at the beggai Islands, Sulawesi. It is distinguished from other members of the genus by a consistently higher number of elongate dorsal filaments and colour pattern, particularly that of displaying males, which have iridescent blue over most of the head, back, and dorsal fin, in addition to bright red dorsal filaments. Paracheilinus flavianalis, new species, is described from 20 specimens, 20.2-53.0 mm SL, collected at Bali Indonesia and Scott-Seringapatam reefs, Western Australia. Males of P. flavianalis have a yellow anal fin, whereas in the closely related P. maccoskeri this fin is deep red on the outer two-thirds and yellow basally, the  two colours being separated by a violet band. Males of P. flavianalis also different in having a distinctive dark red mark at the middle of the outer part of the dorsal fin, which encompasses the first three soft dorsal rays (at least one of these forms a long filament). Paracheilinus togeanensis, new species, is described from a single specimen, 47.8 mm SL, collected at the Togean Islands, northern Sulawesi. It is distinguished by colour pattern, a lack of dorsal fin filaments, a lunate caudal fin, and rounded posterior profile of the dorsal fin.

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