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Diodon bocagei (Steindachner, 1866), a valid species of porcupinefish (Tetraodontidae: Diodontidae), from New South Wales, Australia

by John E. Randall and Jeffrey W. Johnson – aqua 25 (2) – pp. 45-48

The porcupinefish Diodon bocagei (Steindachner), type locality Port Jackson, NSW, Australia, is resurrected from the synonymy of Diodon holocanthus Linnaeus. It is distinguished by its narrow body (width 3.25 in SL); second row of spines dorsally on head, the longest, 5.4 in SL, base of dorsal fin entirely anterior to origin of anal fin, and color pattern. The species is presently known from only from the holotype in the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

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