Etmopterus joungi n. sp., a new species of lanternshark (Squaliformes: Etmopteridae) from Taiwan

James D. S. Knuckey, David A. Ebert and George H. Burgess

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 61-72, Volume 17, Issue 2 – 26 April 2011


A new species of deepwater lanternshark, Etmopterus joungi n. sp., is described from the deep waters off north-eastern Taiwan. The new species is similar to other species of the “Etmopterus pusillus group” in having concave, flattened dermal denticles that are scattered irregularly across the body, a lateral line that ends in an open groove, suprapelvic flank markings lacking a posterior branch and a relatively cylindrical body, but can be separated from its congeners based on the following characteristics: gill slit height, tooth morphology, fin size and shape, interdorsal space and suprapelvic flank markings. The new species has a shorter preoral length and the gill slit height does not vary much compared to other members of the “E. pusillus group.” The teeth in the lower jaw of E. joungi n. sp. are slender, with relatively oblique cusps compared to those of its congeners. The pectoral fins of E. joungi n. sp. are more squared posteriorly and the caudal fin is shorter than the other members of the “Etmopterus pusillus group.” The pectoral axil to first dorsal fin origin measurement of E. joungi n. sp. fits into the interdorsal space about three times. The new species possesses suprapelvic flank markings that are unique compared to its congeners. 

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