Fifty new records of shore fishes from the Society Islands and Tuamotu Archipelago

John E. Randall, Philippe Bacchet, Richard Winterbottom and Louise Wrobel

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 153-166, Volume 5, Issue 4 – July 2002


The followig species of fishes are here recorded from the Society Islands ad/r the Tuamotu Archipelago: Gymnothorax elegans, G. formosus, Monopenchelys acuta, Heteroconger hassi, Ophichtus altipennis, Synodus capricornis, Antennarius maculates, A. scriptissimus, Minyichthys myersi, Beryx decadactylus, Myripristis chryseres, Sebastapistes galactacma, Plectranthias rubrifasciatus, Liopropoma tonstrinum, Belonperca chabanaudi, Oxycirrhites typus, Apogon fukuii, Atule mate, Eriola rivoliana, Emmelichthys karnellai, Eryhrocles scintillans, Aphareus rutilans, Etelis radiosus, Paracaesio xanthurus, Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus, P. auricilla, P. filamentosus, P. flavipinnis, Randallichhys filamentosus, Chaetodon tinkeri, Oxycheilinus arenatus, Polypepion russelli, Callionymus filamentosus, Diplogrammus goramensis, Bryaniops tigris, B. yongei, Gobiodon quinquestrigatus, Gobiopsis exigua, Paragobiodon modestus, Pleurosicya coerulea, P. micheli, Trimma taylori, T. unisquamis, Trimmatom nanus, vanderhorstia ornatissima, Ptereleotris hanae, Naso thynnoides, Xanthichthys auromarginatus, Canthigaster leoparda, and C. ocellicincta.

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