Four new Indo-Pacific species of cardinalfishes (Apogonidae)

Gerald R. Allen and John E. Randall

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 115-126, Volume 5, Issue 3 – June 2002


The following four Indo-Pacific cardinalfishes of the genus Apogon are described as new. A. lineomaculatus from Bali and Flores, Indonesia from 8-32 m (usually over 18 m) is distinct in having 15 pectoral rays, 4 predorsal scales, 5 + 18-20 developed gill rakers, a narrow mid-lateral black stripe ending in a large black spot at caudal fin base, a black blotch above anal fin base, and numerous faint narrow blackish bars on lower side; A. microspilos, described from two specimens taken in 21.5 m off Lombok, Indonesia, has 13 pectoral rays, 3 median predorsal scales, 3-5 + 14-15 devoloped gill rakers, and is orange-red in life with a very small dark spot at mid-base of caudal fin; A. cladophilos, described from six specimens taken in 20 m at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef but also photographed in Flores (at both localities in association with soft corals), has 14 pectoral rays, 4 median predorsal scales, 4-5 + 16-17 developed gill rakers, a thin dark mid-lateral stripe and a pupil-size black spot at caudal fi base; ad A. posterofasciatus, described from three specimens from the Solomon Islands, Flores, and Philippines at depths of 18-37 m and distinguished by VI dorsal spines (the above three species with VII), 6 predorsal scales, 2 + 11 developed gill rakers, a membranous flap at the angle of the preopercle, and two dusky bars posteriorly on body, one below rear base of second dorsal fin and one at base of caudal fin.

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