Glossamia arguni, a new species of freshwater cardinalfish (Apogonidae) from West Papua Province, Indonesia

Renny K. Hadiaty and Gerald R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp.173-180, Volume 17, Issue 3  10 July 2011

A new species of freshwater cardinalfish, Glossamia arguni, is described on the basis of 13 specimens, 12.8-102.3 mm SL, collected in November 2010 from streams in the Arguni Bay area of the Bird’s Neck region of Kaimana Regency, West Papua Province, Indonesia. It is most similar to G. sandei, which ranges widely in south-central New Guinea from the Purari River of Papua New Guinea to Lake Yamur in Papua Province of Indonesia. Both species are characterised by relatively small scales and a barred colour pattern. However, G. arguni n. sp. has fewer lateral-line scales (43-45 vs. 46-50), and five broad bars on the sides compared with 8-12 narrow bars in G. sandei. The new species also has nine soft dorsal rays compared to the usual count of 10 for G. sandei.

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