Hephaestus tulliensis De Vis, a valid Species of Grunter (Terapontidae) from Fresh Waters of North-eastern Queensland, Australia

Gerald R. Allen and Bradley J. Pusey

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 157-162, Volume 3, Issue 4 – December 1999


Hephestus tulliensis De vis was formerly considered a junior synonym of H. fuliginosus Macleay, but evidence is provided for its recognition as a valid species. The two species differ in a variety of characters including number of lateral body scales, preopercular and opercular serration/spination, body depth, eye width, interorbital with, maxillary length, caudal peduncle depth, and length of fin spines/soft rays of the dorsal, anal, pectoral, ad pelic fins, a redesription is provided for H. tulliensis and it is compared with H. fuligiosus, the two species having sympatric distributions in certain freshwater habitats of north-eastern Queensland, Australia.

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