Historical overview of mugilid systematics, with description of Paramugil (Teleostei; Mugiliformes; Mugilidae), new genus

by Javad Ghasemzadeh, Walter Ivantsoff  and Aarn

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 9-22, Volume 8, Issue 1 – February 2004


The history of the systematic relationships of the mugilids is reviewed, concluding with the modern concept of Mugilidae comprising 17 genera with 80 species, one of five taxa comprising ‘Smegmamorpha’. Paramugil, new genus, is erected for P. georgii and P. parmata, and 18 diagnostic morphological and osteological differences between Paramugil and Liza and/or Mugil and/or Valamugil listed.

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