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In Memoriam John “Jack” E. Randall Jr. PhD

I just received this message that Jack (as all friends called him) E. Randall died three days ago. This really hit me deeply. Not only have I lost a very dear and close friend, but the entire world of fishes has lost one of the prime ichthyologists and taxonomist that ever lived. Just as recent, exactly one year ago with the age of 94 almost the entire issue of aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, covered the valid species and variants of the porcupine fishes (family Tetraodontidae: Diodontidae). He had with co-authors over 60 valid species photos in it, a work never done before. In the scientific journal I mangage and in which he was on the editorial board from the begin (1992 – see Jack and I been together on international congresses, like in Noumea, in Durban (second photo) and others, and he supported my work from the begin when we meet at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt in the late 1970s with Friedhelm Krupp, the first scientific editor of aqua (and today again). Jack was the ichthyologist who published nearly one thousand scientific papers and described close to 700 new fish species (almost all marine), probably more than any other fish taxonomist in his life, and many of those in aqua, since 1993, almost in every issue he contributed new papers peer reviewed. Jack also wrote and co-authored many marine books, also more than most. And many fish species bear his name. This amazing biologist, ichthyologist, taxonomist and nature lover and constant diver around the world, will be missed by all nature lovers, globally, his amazing and unique works will stay forever, but his wisdom, knowledge and unique ichthyological papers will be missed worldwide. R.I.P. my dear friend. The aqua-team and myself send their sincere condolences to his wife and family, no one can or will forget “Jack” and his contribution for the world to get a better understanding of the life below water. Aloha Jack. Will miss you every day, and all the aqua-team…
Heiko Bleher
Managing Editor of aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology

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