Lubbockichthys tanakai, new species of pseudoplesiopine dottyback from the West Pacific (Perciformes: Pseudochromidae)

Anthony C. Gill and Hiroshi Senou

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 1-4, Volume 6, Issue 1 – October 2002


Lubbockichthys tanakai is described from the 43.2 mm SL holotype from Ie-shima Island, Ryukyu Islands, and a 33.5 mm SL paratype purportedly from the vicinity of Manila, Philippine Islands. It is distinguished from other pseudochromids in having the following combination of characters: a single tubed lateral-line scale; all scales cycloid; body depth at dorsal fin origin 20.9-21.3 % SL; scales in lateral series 56-58; anterior anal fin pterygiophore formula 3 + 1/1; and vertebrae 13 pre-caudal + 18-19 caudal. It is also distinctive in being pale with a well-defined, broad, dark stripe (dark grey to black in life) along the dorsal part of the body, which terminates in a dark (dark grey to black in life) basal spot on the caudal fin.

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