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Megaleporinus prochiloides new species from Bolivia, a close relative of Prochilodus and Ichthyoelephas

by Tyson R. Roberts aqua 27 (3) pp. 103-112

The new species Megaleporinus prochiloides is based on an uncatalogued adult specimen from eastern Bolivia but otherwise without locality data in the teaching collection of the fish collection of the Museo de Historia Natural Noel Mercado Kempf in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (MNKP). It differs from all other species of Megaleporinus in having greatly enlarged mouth and lips strongly resembling those in Prochilodus and Ichthyoelephas. Its linearly striped coloration also occurs in all species of these genera without other distinctive coloration or marks on its head, body or fins. Juveniles are likely to have large midlateral dark spots on the posterior half of the body as in juvenile Megaleporinus macrolepidotus.

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