New species of freshwater gobies from Irian Jaya, Indonesia (Teleostei: Gobiidae)

Ronald E. Watson and Gerald R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 113-118, Volume 3, Issue 3 – May 1999


Sicydiine gobies from Irian Jaya, Indonesia, and the region, are listed in the introduction. Three species ae described as new. Lentipes crittersius, new species, differs from congeners in having 19 pectoral rays, scales restricted to posterior half of body with some ctenoid scales on midline, and mid-lateral stripe slightly ventral to septum. Lentipes dimetron, new species, differs from congeners in having 15 pectoral rays, first dorsal spines erect with tips flexing posteriorly only slightly, cyclod scales restricted to posterior half of body, and pore D usually absent. Sicyopus (Smilosicyopus) mystax, new species, is distinguished from other in the genus with canine teeth in both jaws, in having 14 pectoral rays and no sexual dimorphism in jaw length.

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