Novaculoides, a new genus for the Indo-Pacific labrid fish Novaculichthys macrolepidotus

John E. Randall and John L. Earle

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 37-43, Volume 8, Issue 1 – February 2004


The new genus Novaculoides is proposed for one species of labrid fish previously classified as Novaculichthys macrolepidotus (Bloch). The genus is distinct from Novaculichthys in possessing the following characters: anterior pair of canine teeth in jaws curving laterally; two or three oblique rows of small embedded scales on cheek; head short, its length 3.4-3.65 in SL; body moderately elongate, the depth 2.8-3.0 in standard length; longest dorsal and anal soft rays about equal in length; pelvic fins of males often longer than head, 3.1-4.2 in standard length. Novaculichthys is now monotypic for the species taeniourus (Lacépède).

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