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Volume 10, Issue 4 – November 2005

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Volume 10, Issue 4 – November 2005

Peter Rask Møller, Werner Schwarzhans and Jørgen G. Nielsen: Review of the American Dinematichthyini (Teleostei: Bythitidae). Part II. Ogilbia, pp. 133-205        


Fishes of the tribe Dinematichthyini (Ophidiiformes, Bythitidae) are poorly known inhabitants of coral and rocky reefs, and more rarely seaweed beds, estuary and freshwater cave environments. An ongoing revision of these small, viviparous fishes (usually less than 10 cm TL) has revealed a large number of undescribed species. A revision of the American dinematichthyine fishes based on examination of 2378 specimens is being published in two parts. Part I included 209 specimens in the genera Dinematichthys (1 species), Gunterichthys (3 species), Ogilbichthys (7 species), PseudogilbiaTyphliasina (1 species). Part II treats 2169 specimens of the genus Ogilbia with 18 species, 7 from the western Atlantic (O. boehlkei n. sp.; O. cayorum Evermann and Kendall, 1898; O. jeffwilliamsi n. sp.; O. mccoskeri n. sp.; O. sabaji n. sp.; O. suarezae n. sp. and O. tyleri n. sp.) and 11 from the eastern Pacific (O. boydwalkeri n. sp.; O. cocoensis n. sp., O. davidsmithi n. sp.; O. deroyi (Poll and van Mol, 1966); O. galapagosensis (Poll and Leleup, 1965); O. jewettae n. sp.; O. nigromarginata n. sp.; O. nudiceps n. sp.; O. robertsoni n. sp.; O. sedorae n. sp. and O. ventralis (Gill, 1863). In total, 14 new species are described and a lectotype designated for O. ventralis. The status of three species is unresolved because of lack of adequate material. The main separating characters of the species are male pseudoclaspers, morphometric proportions, fin ray and vertebral counts and head squamation. The 18 Ogilbia species can be arranged into four species groups based on the morphology of male pseudoclaspers.

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