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21-3_Moema beucheyi



Stefano Valdesalici, Dalton Tavares Bressane Nielsen and Didier Pillet: Moema beucheyi (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae), a new annual killifish from the Río Madeira basin, Bolivian Amazon, pp. 128-135


Moema beucheyi, new species, is described from a seasonal pool in the Río San Miguel drainage, Río Madeira basin, Bolivian Amazon. The new taxon is similar to M. heterostigma, M. ortagai/M. quiii, M. pepotei, and M. piriana in that males possess filamentous rays on the pectoral-fin tips, and to M. heterostigma and M. ortegai in exhibiting an orange color pattern on the body and fins. M. beucheyi differs from all known congeners by presence of distinctive orange lateral stripe outlined by a series of brown dots on the caudal fin, greenish-grey pigmentation on the ventral portion, and greater numbers of scales in the transverse and circumpeduncular series.