Pseudomugil reticulatus (Pisces: Pseudomugilidae) a review of the species originally described from a single specimen, from Vogelkop Peninsula, Irian Jaya with further evaluation of the systematics of Atherinoidea

W. Ivantsoff, Aarn, Margaret A. Shepherd and G. R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 53-64, Volume 2, Issue 4 – December 1997


Pseudomugil reticulatus, hitherto only known from a single specimen from Vogelkop Peninsula, Irian Jaya is redescribed on the basis of selected specimens collected in the environs of Timika and Tembagapura, (approx. 4° 23’S 136° 53’E) Irian Jaya. Examination of a large number of specimens allows for a much more accurate description of meristics, morphometrics, coloration, and sexual dimorphism. Osteological study of P. reticulatus provides a clear cut diagnosis of the species. Although the present study does not contradict the hypothesized systematic position of Pseudomugilidae, it suggests that Telmatherinidae, Pseudomugilidae and Melanotaeniidae may form a transformation series. The latest definition of the family Pseudomugilidae and the genus Pseudomugil are given.

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