Pterocaesio flavifasciata, a new species of fusilier (Teleostei: Caesionidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia

Gerald R. Allen and Mark V. Erdmann

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 27-30, Volume 12, Issue 1 – November 2006


A new species of caesionid fish, Pterocaesio flavifasciata, is described on the basis seven specimens, 164.0-204.3 mm SL, collected at Weh Island, Sumatra, Indonesia during May 2005. Its distinct colour pattern, consisting of two exceptionally broad yellow stripes on a blue or blue-green ground, is unique for the family. Two other species, P. digramma and P. marri, also possess a pair of yellow stripes on the upper side, but  they are much narrower, only 1-2 scale rows wide compared to 4-5 rows in P. flavifasciata.

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