Redescription of the Brazilian Wrasse Thalassoma noronhanum (Boulenger, 1890) (Teleostei: Labridae)

Luiz A. Rocha, Richardo Z. P. Guimarães and João L. Gasparini

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 105-108, Volume 4, Issue 3 – April 2001


Thalassoma noronhanum is a poorly known wrasse that inhabits tropical reefs of the western South Atlantic. The species is found from Parcel de Manuel Luiz reefs to the coast of São Paulo, and at all Brazilian oceanic islands. It inhabits rocky and coralline algae reefs, and was collected from the shoreline to depths of 60 m. Juveniles are known to clean other fish, and adult females form harems dominated by a few terminal-phase males.

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