Redescription of the Gobioid Fish Cryptocentrus pavoninoides (Bleeker, 1849), with Notes on Sexual Dichromatism in Shrimp Gobies

Ukkrit Satapoomin and Richard Winterbottom

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 53-64, Volume 5, Issue 2 – February 2002

Cryptocentrus pavoninoides (Bleeker, 1849), a little known gobioid species, is redescribed in detail from the holotype and eleven additional specimens collected from the Gulf of Thailand, Singapore, and southwestern Thailand (Andaman Sea). The species is characterized by two to five ovoid black spots between the first to sixth spines at the mid-height of the first dorsal fin, distinctive black pelvic fins, and blue spots on head. It exhibits sexual dichromatism in which the males have a brownish body background with three vague darker bars and scattered blue spots; while the females possess a yellow body background with 8-10 distinct brow bars and without blue spots along sides of the body. Sexual dichromatism in several other species of shrimp gobies is documented.

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