Review of the Cardinalfishes (Apogonidae) of the Hawaiian Islands, with descriptions of two new species

John E. Randall

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 25-38, Volume 3, Issue 1 – April 1998


The 10 species of apogonid fishes of the Hawaiian Islands are differentiated in a key. Pseudamiops diaphanes, sp. n., endemic to Hawaii, is distinct in having VI-I,8 dorsal rays, II,8 anal rays, 16-18 pectoral rays, a spine-like ventral projection posteriorly on the maxilla, deciduous cycloid scales, no lateral line, a rhomboid caudal fin, and in being transparent in life. Apogon deetsie, sp. n., from the Hawaiian Islands and Tuamotu Archipelago, has VI-I,9 dorsal rays, II,8 anal rays; 11-12 (usually 12) pectoral rays, 24 lateral-line scales, 6 predorsal scales, 3-4 + 12-13 gill rakers, a protruding membranous flap on corner and lower edge of preopercle, a forked caudal fin with rounded lobes, and is light red with two blackish bars posteriorly on the body. The remaining species are diagnosed, and their distributions given. Apogon erythrinus Snyder appears to be endemic to Hawaii and Johnston Island; A. maculiferus Garrett is also a Hawaiian endemic; A. evermanni Jordan and Snyder is widespread in the Indo-Pacific and is also known from the western Atlantic; A. kallopterus Bleeker, A. taeniopterus Bennett (A. menesemus Jenkins is a synonym), Apogonichthys perdix Bleeker (A. waikiki Jordan and Evermann is a synonym), Foa brachygramma (Jenkins), and Lachneratus phasmaticus Fraser and Struhsaker are wide-ranging Indo-Pacific species.

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