Scleropages inscriptus, a new fish species from the Tananthayi or Tenasserim River basin, Malay Peninsula of Myanmar (Osteoglossidae: Osteoglossiformes)

Tyson R. Roberts

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, 113-118, Volume 18, Issue 2 – 15 April 2012

Scleropages inscriptus, a new species of bony-tongue fishes, is described from the Tenasserim or Tananthayi River basin on the Indian Ocean coast of peninsular Myanmar. It differs from the previously known Southeast Asian and Australian members of the genus in having the bones of the circumorbital and opercular series and all or most of the scales on the sides of the body densely covered with complex maze-like markings. In morphology and in meristic and morphometric characters it is closer to the other Asian species of Scleropages, S. formosus, than to S. leichhardti or S. jardinii, the two species currently recognized from the Australian Region; it is therefore referred to the subgenus Delsmania Fowler 1934 (type species S. formosus).

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