Seven new species of the triplefin fish genus Helcogramma (Tripterygiidae) from the Indo-Pacific

Jeffrey T. Williams and Jeffrey C. Howe

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 151-176, Volume 7, Issue 4 – November 2003

Eleven species, including seven new species, are recognized in the Helcogramma fuscopinna species complex, a monophyletic group within the genus Helcogramma (herein determined to be feminine in gender). A pale-bodied subgroup includes H. aquila (Batan Islands), H. nigra n. sp. (Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Rotuma Island), and H. cerasina n. sp. (Tonga Islands and Vatoa Island, Fiji). The other members of the complex include H. nesion n. sp. (Ogasawara and Izu Islands and southern Shikoku Island, Japan), H. inclinata (H. habena is a junior synonym; Batan Islands, Pratas Reef, Taiwan, and Ryukyu Islands), H. fuscopinna (western Indian Ocean), H. desa n. sp. (Cuyo Islands, Philippines and Vietnam), H. albimacula n. sp. (western Luzon to Apo Island, Philippines), H. lacuna n. sp. (western Thailand), H. vulcana (Indonesia), and H. randalli n. sp. (Komodo Island and Bali, Indonesia). With the description of these seven new ones, there are now 30 species recognized in the genus Helcogramma.

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