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Quintabarbates bicolor, a new genus and species of cobitid Fish from the Middle Chindwin Basin in Myanmar

by Tyson R. Robert – aqua 26 (1) pp. 17-20

Quintabarbates bicolor, a new genus and species of cobitid fish is described, which superficially resembles smaller members of the speciose Southeast Asian genus Pangio but differs from all species of that genus in having five instead of only four pairs of barbels and an immobile suborbital bone without a spine instead of a highly moveable one with a large sharp recurved erectile spine. About a dozen specimens had originally been collected in the lower courses of tributaries of the Middle Chindwin River in northern Myanmar between Tamanthi and Khampti, exclusively from the bottom of deep accumulations of leaf litter. In life all were brilliantly colored with full-length deep stripes of gleaming or iridescent green and orange, totally unlike the life color of any species in Pangio or other cobitid genera. Standard lengths of all individuals collected were less than 30 mm.

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