Three new species of genus Trimma from Palau, Western Pacific (Percomorpha: Gobiidae)

Richard Winterbottom and Margaret Zur

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 13-24, Volume 13, Issue 1 – 25 October 2007


Three new species of the Indo-Pacific gobiid genus Trimma are described, based primarily or entirely on material from Palau. Trimma gigantum n. sp. is characterized by the presence of predorsal scales, elongate dorsal spines, six dark saddles along the dorsum on a yellow background, fully scaled cheek and opercle, a fifth pelvic fin ray that is branched dichotomously once, and large adult size (to 30 mm SL). It appears to be a relatively deep-water species (57-73 m). Trimma randalli n. sp. also has a yellowish body, and scales on the cheek, opercle and in the predorsal midline, but lacks saddles across the dorsum and has a black caudal fin edged with white. There is a photographic record of this species from the Philippines. Trimma tauroculum n. sp. is immediately distinguishable from all other described species by the presence of a large (about 1.25 times pupil diameter) brown-black ocellated spot on the upper body, its anterior margin immediately above the pectoral-fin base, no scales in the predorsal midline, and no elongate dorsal spines. There is a photographic record of this species from Ulithi Atoll, Yap Islands (western Carolines).

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