Three new species of Trimma (Pisces: Gobiidae) from the central, western and south Pacific

Richard Winterbottom

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 7-16, Volume 9, Issue 1 – October 2004


Three new species of the genus Trimma, all characterized by red or red brown bars on a pale background, are described. Trimma cana is characterized by eight well-defined red bars on the head and body on a white background, a naked nape, a well-developed interorbital trench, and a discreet dark bar across the dorsum just behind the eyes, with the melanophores lying on the medial surface of the frontal bone. Trimma sostra is distinguished by seven incomplete, diffusely-defined red bars on the head and body, a naked nape, a moderate interorbital trench, a dark spot on the lower pectoral fin base and another on the lower caudal peduncle. Trimma squamicana has a scaled nape, a moderate to deep interorbital trench with a poorly-developed or no postorbital trench, and eight red to reddish brown saddles over the dorsal midline, the posterior five of which have ventral counterparts.

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