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Tosanoides bennetti, a new species of anthiadiine fish (Pisces: Serranidae) from the Coral Sea, Australia

by Gerald R. Allen and Fenton Walsh – aqua 25 (1) – pp. 25-34

Tosanoides bennetti is described from six specimens, 25.0-49.2 mm SL, collected from 141-150 m depth range at the Holmes Reefs, Coral Sea, which are situated approximately 220 km east of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. Diagnostic features include: dorsal rays X,17; anal rays III,8; pectoral rays 12-14; pored lateral line scales 29-33, either in continuous series or separated by gap of 1-3 transverse scale rows; gill rakers on the first branchial arch 7-10 + 23-26; body depth 2.7-2.8 in SL; male when freshly collected mainly lavender pink with four downward-slanting, yellow bands on head and body, middle two forming series of large irregularly-shaped spots; dorsal fin mainly yellow with narrow lavender outer margin and lavender basal portion, curling around posteriormost part of fin to join lavender outer margin; anal fin yellow except basal one-third and posteriormost rays lavender; caudal fin lavender with large yellow spot covering most of central portion of lower lobe; maximum known size to about 5 cm SL. The new taxon is most similar to T. annepatrice from Melanesia (Palau and Pohnpei), but differs with regards to male and female colour patterns and generally has shorter dorsal and anal-fin spines, a slightly more slender body, shorter snout, smaller eye, and shorter maxilla.

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