Two new gobiid fish species in Trimma and Trimmatom from the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans

Richard Winterbottom

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 19-24, Volume 5, Issue 1 – November 2001


Two new gobiid fish species are described. Trimma stobbsi has no scales in the predorsal midline, a slight interorbital trench, unbranched fifth pelvic fin ray, and a distinct dark spot above and just anterior to the posterodorsal corner of the operculum. Trimmatom pharus has a scaled body, a reduced (20% or less of the length of fourth ray) and unbranched fifth pelvic fin ray, and the first four pelvic fin rays branched. Numerous dark bars (red in life) are present on head and body. Trimmatom pharus is considered to be part of the T. eviotops species group. Both new species are found in the Indian and western Pacific Oceans.

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