Two New Species of Cardinalfishes (Apogonidae) from the Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Gerald R. Allen

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 143-149, Volume 4, Issue 4 – August 2001

Two new species of apogonid fishes are described from the Raja Ampat Islands, off western New Guinea (Indonesian province of Irian Jaya), based on specimens collected during a Conservation International Survey in March-April 2001. Apogon leptofasciatus is described from three specimens, 48.2-50 mm SL, collected from a depth of 15 m. It is most similar to A. nigrocinctus Smith and Radcliffe (northern Australia to the Philippines) and A. jenkinsi Evermann and Seale (Australia to Japan), both of which possess similar black markings on the dorsal fins and caudal fin base. However, adults of these species lack narrow stripes on the upper body, and A. jenkinsi also differs in having a black spot on each side of the nape. The new species further differs from these two species in having fewer developed rakers on the first branchial arch (18 versus 22-25). Apogon oxygrammus is described on the basis of three specimens, 30.8-38.7 mm SL, collected from a depth of 46 m. It differs from all known species in the genus on the basis of colour pattern (overall whitish with a tapering black mid-lateral stripe that extends onto the caudal fin) and jaw dentition (enlarged teeth in relatively few rows).

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