Two new species of the genus Trimma (Percomorpha: Gobiidae) from western Thailand

Richard Winterbottom and Laura Southcott

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 69-76, Volume 13, Issue 2 – 08 November 2007


Two new species of the genus Trimma are described. Trimma fucatum is characterized by the presence of predorsal scales, two opercular scales (one ctenoid, one cycloid), an interorbital and a slight postorbital trench, no elongate dorsal spines, and one dichotomous branch in the fifth pelvic-fin ray. When alive, T. fucatum has three to four diffuse rows of orange to yellow blotches, smaller yellow spots on the caudal fin, and a distinctive narrow red bar on the preopercle. Preserved specimens have straw-yellow blotches on a brown background. Trimma sanguinellus is characterized by a lack of predorsal and opercular scales, the presence of interorbital trenches, a slightly elongate second dorsal spine, a fleshy ridge on the predorsal midline, and an unbranched fifth pelvic-fin ray. Freshly-caught specimens are uniformly red-orange. Specimens preserved in ethanol are straw-yellow. Both new species are currently known only from the eastern margin of the Indian Ocean. 

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