Two new species of the Trimma tevegae species group from the Western Pacific (Percomorpha: Gobiidae)

Richard Winterbottom

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 29-38, Volume 10, Issue 1 – June 2005


Two new species of the Trimma tevegae species group are described. Members of this group are characterized by having a broad interorbital region about equal in width to the pupil diameter, and at least the first haemal arch greatly expanded, accommodating the posterior extension of the swim bladder. Both the new species have been misidentified as T. griffithsi in popular and/or scientific publications. Trimma marinae n. sp. is characterized by the presence of a large, bilateral, open nasal pit, few or no melanophores on the caudal peduncle, no scales on cheek, usually two rows of scales anterior to the pelvic fin base, an elongate second spine in the first dorsal fin, and a rounded medial ridge on the snout and anterior interorbital region. Trimma nasa n. sp. is distinguished by a small nasal sac with a tubular anterior opening and a raised rim to the posterior opening, a large spot consisting of melanophores and dark brown chromatophores over the hypural region of the caudal peduncle, a dark suffusion over the abdominal region, no scales on the cheek, usually four to five rows of scales anterior to the pelvic fin base, a broad interorbital region with a rounded, medial ridge on the snout and anterior interorbital region, and usually a thin dark stripe from the upper lip to the mid-region of the interorbital.

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