Two new subgenera of Sicyopus, with a redescription of Sicyopus zosterophorum (Teleostei: Gobioidei: Sicydiinae)

Ronald E. Watson

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 93-104, Volume 3, Issue 3 – May 1999


The sicydiine goby genus Sicyopus is divided into three subgenera based largely on dental characteristics found in both jaws. Juxtastiphodon, new subgenus, has conical teeth in both jaws crowded closely together, none recurved and without canines. Subgenus Sicyopus has widely spaced conical teeth in both jaw with most sharply recurved and without canines. Smilosicyopus, new subgenus, is with slightly recurved conical teeth anteriorly in both jaws, laterally needle-like teeth with none recurved, between anterior and lateral teeth, at least one (1-3) canine tooth, well developed imales. Sicyopus zosterophorum, tye species for Sicyopus, is redescribed. Juxtastiphodon, new subgenus, Sicyopus, and Smilosicyopus, new subgenus, most closely resemble Stiphodon in having pelvic disc fused to belly between fifth rays only; in all other sicydiine genera pelvic disc is fused between all five rays.

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